Key Personnel.

A team that aims to innovate where others stagnate

By stripping down corporate structure and opting for a set of key personnel, we foster skills and harness development, in an environment that encourages collaboration, risk taking, and progressive thinking.

We nurture a team that strives towards better results, with careful planning and clever design. A team that aims to innovate where others stagnate; save where others find no saving; see responsibility instead of hours, and ownership over obligation.

As an organisation, we are principally concerned with pushing traditional boundaries and challenging the status quo in architecture, design, development, and construction.

Alex Almosawi

Managing Director

Alex’s unique approach to design and construction is wholly apparent in M Property’s idiosyncratic style of operation; an approach that is measured, controlled, and averse to risk, but still progressive in shape and form.

With a background in finance, Alex has a dynamic understanding of budgeting, planning, and estimating, and he uses this knowledge base to gain strategic advantage in the housing market.

As leader of M Property, he maintains a culture of inventiveness, and uses his superior skillset to gain competitive advantage throughout the process, from land acquisition, all the way through the construction.

Majed Almosawi


With a career in engineering spanning decades and continents, He brings a vast knowledge base to the team at M Property. He is the guiding vision behind the group’s long term objectives and ethical standards of practice.

Throughout the 1970’s, he was the project manager on some of the world’s largest oil wells, in Abu Dhabi and across The Middle East, and he brings a unique perspective to each development, in managing large budgets, risk, and completing projects to strict deadlines.

Rida Moussa

Building Designer

Working as both a building designer and a conduit between architects, interior designers, and construction managers, Rida is responsible for the management of quality across all M Property projects. He works within the technical confines of each project, to ensure the design and build runs smoothly.

Rida has a vast technical knowledge base, and uses this experience to save time and money in the design phase, by producing technical documentation, finding areas for saving and improvement, and sourcing sustainable materials.

Subservient to his role as building designer, Rida is responsible for identifying and fixing a project’s design flaws, navigating legal issues and regulations, and identifying problems before they arise.

Andrew Chang


With more than 15 years in the property market, Andrew brings foresight and experience to the organisation in a business development role. He drives the strategic direction of M Property, and strives to ensure each build is cost affective and risk averse.

His experience in sourcing and identifying feasible developments, to managing investors, puts Andrew in a strategic advantage, to ensure developments are profitable.

Anastasia Medvedskaia

Project Coordinator

With long history in Architecture and Construction working with a tier 1 builder, M Property welcomed Anastasia in 2013 to take a role of a project coordinated. She manages all aspects of the development and ensures a smooth progress between phases.

Jay Sahil

Construction Manager

With a background in large-scale, commercial construction, Jay is responsible for managing M Property construction sites. With such an array of experience across domestic and commercial projects, Jay has developed a rare proclivity for meeting deadlines, reducing waste, and running efficient sites. During the building process, Jay communicates with great authority and clarity, ensuring that dialogue is open and honest between all stakeholders.